Self and Instrument

Refining one’s instrument is a gift and challenge. Knowing what it takes to risk one’s instrument in a new setting in order to find its place requires being in tuned with self and instrument. There is a sense of the instrument being so foreign in its new environment that one is graced with moments of muscle memory that guides it to the next step. A grace which strengthens belief in self to realize the differences of people and place are not more than the centeredness of skill, allowing it to take one further in sharpening their instrument. It can be a tough experience but a chance to become more than one thought they ever could be. Be willing to risk perceived ego and learn that it’s a risk that is worth being proud of, as it leads one deeper into a more earnest expression of self with said instrument. Never buy into the lie that one arrives to completion with their instrument – it is an ever growing relationship as self and instrument are forever known more deeply. This is a gift and freedom, not a curse or dread. One moves to the rhythm life has set before them and learns that refinement comes with release and a willingness to become all this season of life wishes to bring forth from this collective duo.



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