A New Normal

Life has started to reach a new season of normal. One month ago I began the road trip with my dad to move to Colorado. This was a move mixed with excitement and sadness. I was thrilled to be moving for a job that deeply excited me and I knew would hold wonderful challenges. I was filled with sadness as I closed out a 15 year season of life being grounded in Texas with part of my immediate family and people who had become family. This move marked many firsts and many lasts – each filled with great thanksgiving for what had been and was to come.

Upon my one month anniversary I have officially concluded my service with the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd and have transitioned to working full time with Calvary Baptist Church of Denver. My apartment is starting to feel like home, Chloe Sue is adjusting to her new digs, and I’m learning how to get around my new stomping grounds. Life is starting to find a new rhythm. With each day that passes I am beginning to shift from feeling like I am here for camp to feeling like this will be home.

As this new normal sets in I am reflecting back on my two years outside of my denominational tradition and all I learned during my two years in Austin, TX. It was a season of life where my writing took a bit of hiatus – other than the Sundays where I was gifted with the chance to preach. Why my writing took a natural silence I am not sure but in the weeks and months to come I plan to take time to share some of the key lessons I gained from the past two years.

Here’s to allowing my new normal to grow me further into the person I have been created to be.




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