Guest Blogger Rachel Johnson: To Sing and Dance, Confessions of a Religious, but Not Spiritual

Great words, from a dear friend.

Talk with the Preacher

Rachel Johnson has spent her career working at the intersection of religion and politics.  She currently serves as Chair of Deacons at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  You can follow her on twitter (when she remembers to tweet) at @rachelnoelj.

“Take a deep breath and be with your God.”

Struck by the invitation, my eyes popped open at those words of Sister Donna.  I was at vespers at a retreat center run by the Sisters of Mercy, so I was expecting to enter into a time of quiet and prayer.  But there was something just so . . . spiritual . . . about this invitation; I didn’t know quite what to do with it.

The thing is, I tend to think about God more in cosmic terms than personal ones – the long arc of the universe who bends towards justice, not necessarily someone I sit down with…

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