Friday Nights with the Boys

Most Friday nights I am laughing, eating, and playing with two guys. These two guys bring me great joy and are a wonderful way to bring the week to a close. They are full of life and remind me to not take life so seriously and to allow the stresses of school to slide to the side, if only for the night. Who are these two guys who keep my Friday nights filled? The two handsome kiddos of my house mates. E & J are two of the greatest kids I know. Tonight, as I was getting them ready for bed, I realized how much I enjoy getting to be a witness to their lives. It’s remarkable how quickly they grow-up and how their personalities change. To share life with my housemates and their boys is adds a great rhythm to my life. So here is to the many Friday nights to come where I will get to see the boys grow-up, be reminded to take a deep breath and relax, and to laugh at their silly personalities.


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