I chased the wild goose

Over the course of four days I joined a crowed of 1500 people in Shakori Hills, NC to chase the Wild Goose, engage the arts, music, justice and spirituality in both conversation and life. Across eight stages, tents, domes and barns 165 or so sessions of talks, stories, music, Q/A’s, beer & hymns, art and dialogue took place. The air was filled with the desire to know what it means to be a better human being and how to knit ourselves together in those four days to be an unstoppable wave of peace on the crest of justice.

At Shakori Hills I had the joy of hearing Vincent Harding, Lynne Hybels, Richard Twiss, William Barber, Matt Pritchard, John Dear, Phyllis Tickel, Diana Butler-Bass, Derek Webb, Over the Rhine, Peter Fromberg, Frank Schafer, Logan Laiturf, Tim Tyson, Jay Bakker, Anthony Smith, and Nadia Bolz-Weber. My heart, mind, and soul were challenged with loving mercy as we strived to walk humbly with our God.

Each session was well worth it and deserves it’s own post, therefore the following posts will highlight each session in greater depth. Join me as I continue to reflect on my experience of chasing the Wild Goose at Shakori Hills!


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