Bucket List for Summer ’11

I’ve never done a bucket list before and haven’t been too good at getting out to experience the DMV area so I thought I would do one for the summer. Here we go:

1) Go Kayaking
2) See/hear the drum circle at Malcolm X Park
3) Enjoy Jazz In The Garden
4) Eat at The Cereal Bowl (that’s right a restaurant dedicated to cereal)
5) Take a Segway tour of DC
6) See a movie at AFI
7) Go to a Nationals game
8.) Teach teenagers about dance in the 1950’s at the Sitar Arts Center
9) Check out the following Smithsonian’s:
National Zoo
African American History & Culture Museum
Natural History Museum
Anacostia Community Museum
10) Go to the Newseum
11) Surf with Ocean Spirit
12) Tour the National Cathedral
13) Visit a Texas favorite in NY

Alright summer of 2011, let’s do this!


4 thoughts on “Bucket List for Summer ’11

  1. I like these. Especially 1, 4, and 5. I have yet to do a Segway tour and I’ve always wanted to!! If you go to a movie, please go to Bridesmaids then tell me what you think! And dude, mental note about The Cereal Bowl, I’m freaking addicted to cereal and I will have to remember this for the next time I go to D.C. Miss you!!!

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