In the last 47 days …

It has been 47 days since my last post! I have not done well at keeping my thoughts on paper in the last month, most likely because there’s been too many thoughts to make sense of them … or because I’ve been too lazy to sit-down and write them out.

In the short version of the past 47 days I’ve:

  • celebrated Easter with Calvary
  • packed my things to move from Hosting Unions
  • flew back to Texas
  • delivered my colloquium presentation on The Ethics and Practice of Working with Welcoming and Affirming Congregations
  • completed my course work for my Master of Social Work degree
  • hung out with my little munchkins
  • celebrated a sister’s birthday and mother’s day with the family
  • had multiple breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with friends to catch up
  • had pseudo roommate situations with two of my Texas favorites
  • saw my little man play baseball
  • graduated from Baylor School of Social Work
  • returned to DC
  • moved from Hosting Unions to Outdoor Familia
  • began the transitioning of my projects
  • returned to the joys of the tapestry
  • celebrated a high school favorite having her first child
  • hiked humpback rock with Political Religion
  • submitted my syllabus for the class I’ll be teaching at the Sitar Arts Center: Can you say 1950’s
  • Dinners and coffees with DC favorites
  • Saw Bridesmaids (very funny) with Political Religion, Kindhearted Law and her girlfriend.
  • lived through week 1 of pastor boot-camp: bulletin and sermon #1

Hello life in DC it’s good to be back! And, hello to my blog … it won’t be another 47 days to my next post.


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