Metaphors/stories for Where I am in Life . . . take 1

Scab to Scare:

Two years ago I gained a wound by part of my community of faith and in the past two years the wound has gained a rough scab which allowed the soft tender exposed skin to heal. The hard scab of dark color hid the bright pink new skin which needed protection to mature. As time past and the first scab came off as I left that particular faith community and entered a new one my wound was exposed once again but this time with less pain. With this new faith community the wound received another scab of lighter color and smoother touch. When I allowed this community to become a greater part of my life they healed parts of the wound I wasn’t expecting to heal. Over the months I was with this faith community they became my church and I began to believe the wound was fully healed but then I had to leave that faith community to take a leap in growing in new ways and in a new location. With this move the original wound was exposed yet again but with far less discomfort. New parts of the wound were exposed this time. With this change I entered a new faith community and my body began to heal itself with the wound becoming a scare, no scab for the wound had healed but left the remembrance of itself in the form of a scare. This scare will continue to be a part of my journey and may cause me sadness or heart ache as I process through the causes and repercussions of the scare but it will not take  on a new scab to cover the exposed skin. The skin has been healed by members of the original faith community who were there at the original wounding and two faith communities who have heard the stories of the wound and taken part of its healing process. I now stand taking deep breaths looking at the scare and hoping one day the scare will be but a memory and not a part of myself I’m still getting used to.


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