Metaphors/stories for Where I am in Life . . . take 2

Mirror of self:

Looking in the mirror seeing someone you don’t recognize reflected back at you is a very odd experience. Each day, week, month, and year you look at yourself in the mirror expecting to see the person you believe to be yourself, yet you are met with an image far different. You can’t quite put your finger on the difference so each day you try something new to see if the image staring back at you begins to resemble what you expect it to. You brush your hair differently, you try on a new outfit,  you stand in a new position,  you tilt your head back and forth. But, no matter what you do nothing changes the image staring back at you.

As you keep pondering why this image doesn’t match what you expect  you begin to look inwardly and see if the difference can be found there. What you come to find out as you address the nudging you have felt from within is the image staring back at you has been the internal you trying to come out. It took you being honest with the internal nudge to see the image you didn’t recognize as yourself was in fact you. The you which you have wanted to lean into and live into fully but were afraid to. Now when you look in the mirror you see the image that once looked unfamiliar now is what you expect to see, even if it takes some getting used to.

As the internal spirit is more patient than your external demands it waits for you to be ready to acknowledge the inner pulls which nudge you become that which you were created to be. Now when you look in the mirror the image staring back at you fits the knowledge of who you know yourself to be. What was being shown in the mirror was your true spirit just waiting for you to be confident enough to acknowledge it and live into it.


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