My Week In Review

Sunday 3: Church with Calvary people and experienced the worship service in a different light having preached the Sunday prior. Coffee with one of Calvary’s finest. Sat on Hosting Unions’ porch reading and watching the lightning.

Monday 4: Finished supervision with Fairy Godmother’s cousin. It got real in supervision with Warrior Pose when we talked about licensing and calling. Was honored with news about my education and celebrated with Political Religion and Kindhearted Law by having ice cream!

Tuesday 5: Meeting with the Tapestry followed by yoga (where I almost died from trying new moves). Attended a job creation meeting with WIN.

Wednesday 6: Call with Dumbledore, bible study at Thomas House and a glorious WNW. Worked on Research and Capstone assignments. Attempted to create a demo for an interview with Sitar Arts Center but my body said a BIG no to that.

Thursday 7: Worked on my demo for Sitar interview, became overwhelmed by all my MSW assignments and learned to listen to my body. I called the rep at Sitar to reschedule and then attended a WIN action meeting with two of Calvary’s finest.

Friday 8: Coffee with a like spirited woman who also loves church organizing and community educational experiences with the church. Had a call with Dr. Lady Garland about Capstone. Was tagged in by Season’s Melody to help with the Calvary yard sale for a bit. Took care of wrapping up the week. Then Knocked Out my research project.

Saturday 9: Rested! Went to help at the Calvary yard sale to only be met with all being done. Spent the day with Political Religion accomplishing homework and thoughts about church life.

(most stressed week I experienced this semester but was loved so well by so many this week. many thanks to all who helped me breathe this week)


3 thoughts on “My Week In Review

  1. I need a code-breaker so I can know who you’re talking about. Consider this my formal request for an email listing all of your code names and their corresponding legal names.

    Lydia (the one who apparently doesn’t deserve a code name.)

      • hooray! i need to catch up on some blog readings. I LOVE MY CODE NAME! I thought you told me in DC I don’t get one. This just made my day. 🙂

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