My Week In Review – Times Two (Remix)

So I’ve missed the past two weeks of My Week In Review, thus this short version of the highlights … and go!

I submitted the draft of my research findings and reached the required amount of hours for my internship class. I wrote and delivered my first sermon at Calvary. Had my worlds collide as Hosting Unions, Political Religion, Kindhearted Law, Season’s Melody, Warrior Pose, and others met the Parents and a Texas Favorite. Began yoga at Calvary … learning to observe my breath & become more whole in my movement and breathing. Thrift-ing with Warrior Pose and little Sassafras. Always thankful for my supervision calls with Dumbledor. Took a leap and applied to teach something I love very much. Enjoyed many moments with Calvary’s finest. Began to realize my time as an MSW student is coming to an end. The past two weeks have been all over the place and the fullness of class and internship, in addition to life, came strong, but all of it was memorable and enjoyable in its own right.

Next week the normal updates will return.


One thought on “My Week In Review – Times Two (Remix)

  1. love đŸ™‚

    love that you are open to the process of listening to your body in the midst of all the beautiful, chaotic things you get to be a part of.

    love you most of all.

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