My Week In Review

Sunday 13: Church and chats with other travelers at Hosting Unions.

Monday 14: Discussion of internship with Warrior Pose, two meetings around partnerships and co-ops, chat with Dumbledore, a quick visit with a friend from Texas.

Tuesday 15: Took the Metro in to DC, staff meeting with the Tapestry, lunch with one of Calvary’s finest. Accomplished a pseudo half day (which I was proud of … I did feel guilty on the ride home). Took refuge at Political Religion and Kindhearted Law. Enjoyed television at my home away form  home, they had cable!

Wednesday 16: Research class, adventure through VA with Season’s Melody where we ended up visiting Jesus, was a total stud as I filled my transmission fluid on the side of the road (that’s right, I can take care of Stuart since Steve’s sexiness prepared me to deal with car issues), reviewed for WNW & had a great night at WNW, had an individual meeting with one of Calvary’s finest, and learned more about Islam in the sweetest way.

Thursday 17: Internship class, talked with Lady Dean G, prep for church council then presented my first report to church council.

Friday 18: I had breakfast with a fellow pursuer of community, visited my dream arts studio at the Sitar Arts Center. Had a Texas favorite me at the office. Saw a great performance of Hairspray at EHS.

Saturday 19: I was a stud at avoiding the writing up of research findings by jogging 3 miles, reading, working on my sermon then dinner with two of Calvary’s finest.


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