In Honor of me learning about Sitar Arts Center

Today I learned that my dream of an arts studio does exist and it exists in the Sitar Arts Center. My mind was blown away today and my soul was lifted to new hights of joy when I learned about Sitar and all they do. Their facility is remarkable and one that brings forth dignity and creativity to the arts. So, in honor of that I’m reposted a portion from my page “Randonmness for the Journey” that I wrote a year or so ago. I am so thankful a studio like the Sitar Arts Center exists and that I randomly found it today in a meeting. Who knows, may I’ll teach a dance class there this summer.

a portion from my page “Randomness for the Journey”.

So I have a dream of owning a performing arts studio that would encompass everything from ceramics to film production. I envision a 4 story building with floor-to-ceiling windows so that natural inspiration will spill through the windows and fill the souls of the artists and come out in their art form. Each room would have art icons to inspire the young and developing artists to become the next generations’ icons. It would be a place where souls are felt through all the senses. It would be located in the urban city where the best-of-the-best teachers would come for two week periods to teach to receive some form of continuing education unit for their artistic field. It would be a building filled with teachers and students but both rolls being done by all persons. The teachers would be taught by the spirits of their students and the students would be taught by the wisdom of their teachers. The staff’s goal would be to work themselves out of a job as those who went through this studio become the employees, teachers, directors, producers, … owners. It would be a studio with scaled fees so that rich and poor could attend, defying the lines of economical wealth and adding to artistic wealth. On the first floor of this building there would be a thrift store of art supplies, yet it would keep with economic imagination by not having second hand materials but top of the line materials bought by the studio with the sales of performances, showings, and screenings.

The arts bring to others’ attentions the passions, cries, and joys of the artists’ souls. Whether it be dance, music, painting, sculpting, acting, or designing, it would all be done in this studio. Fore it is within the arts that the rhythms of peace beat loudly … may these rhythms be given the space to vibrate through all races, cultures, economics, genders, life styles, nationalities, sexualities, persons and creation so that peace can abound in all this world knows (and doesn’t know of).

This is my dream . . . may it come true even if I don’t ever know it!


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