My Week In Review

Sunday 6: Church and such. This was the first Sunday I didn’t help with worship. It was fun worshiping with Calvary from that different vantage point. Almost died while trying a new yoga pose … I wish someone had a video camera, I could have won on AFV.

Monday 7: Good day at the office. Had midterm evaluation for MSW internship with Fairy Godmother’s Cousin. Didn’t die as badly as the day before with that new yoga move.

Tuesday 8: Had a wonderful service with the Tapestry, led by the Wise Woman of Tekoa. Attended WIN’s job creation action meeting where we talked about using the development of rain gardens to create work for DC workers. Had a skype date with one of my Canadian favorites.

Wednesday 9: Experienced Ash Wednesday services with Calvary and my first Ash Wednesday service in the past five years, possibly ever. Entered into the season of Lent with appreciation for the meaning of the season.

Thursday 10: Went to the doc where I was told I could come off my soft food diet and wasn’t a Jerk-Face McGee, which was nice. Then I went to a coffee shop where I was supposed to work on my research project write-up but blogged and e-mailed instead. Hug out with Political Religion and Kindhearted Law.

Friday 11: Did a ride along with Queen Organizer and had the privilege of seeing youth work on preparing for an upcoming action. Very cool. Hung out with a recovering Texan.

Saturday 12: Spent the day saving the world with Political Religion or maybe just walk/jogging trails and attempting to do work.


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