My Week In Review

Sunday 27: Sunday school with Calvary’s finest and my lovely pal Ocean Spirit, helped lead worship (something that I’m enjoying more each week), then lunch with Ocean Spirit and Peace Song before we said our farewells to Ocean Spirit. For the rest of the day Peace Song and I hung out sharing stories and enjoying the wonderful weather. We had adventures of unclogging a tub (I continually misspoke and said we were unclogging the toilet … made for funny moments), watching an SNL clip, celebrating the birth of two wonderful ladies. All of this proved to wonderful adventures.

Monday 28: Worked on a few projects and had supervision with Warrior Pose then birthday dinner with Peace Song and Hosting Unions. Experienced a new product from LUSH and it was lovely (shocker). Was showered with love and kindness by family and friends as they celebrated my birth. Thanks to all who were so kind and loving. You gave me a lovely birthday.

Tuesday 1: Had 3 or 4 hours of sleep before taking Peace Song to the airport, so thankful she was able to come visit! Happy Birthday Season’s Melody!!! Staff meeting followed by an individual meeting with one of Calvary’s finest.

Wednesday 2: Bible study at Thomas House, I learn far more from those wonderful ladies than they do from me. Attended research class for .2 seconds before making my way to have lunch with one of Calvary’s finest for an individual meeting (I love the metro and walking … it’s good for my soul but have no idea why). Individual meeting with one of Calvary’s finest and one of Calvary’s littles before a wonderful WNW gathering!

Thursday 3: Happy Birthday to my fabulous brother-in-law!!! Went to Caribou for internship class and working on my research project. I enjoyed two White Tahitians while I did my work. When I journeyed back to Hosting Unions’ house I finally watched Toy Story 3 and teared up at the end, sad but a true statement. Then I’m sure I was a good student and returned to doing homework for the rest of the evening … I’m sure of it.

Friday 4: Worked on various projects at work before going home and recovering from the whirlwind of a weekend before.

Saturday 5: Took the metro in so I could read Take This Bread by Sara Miles on my way to meet a fellow BUMSW intern for a day in DC. Experienced Pho DC for the first time and loved it. Took in the sites of the Capital and Botanical Gardens while I chatted with my friend and laughed at his quick wit and dry humor. The day brought back memories of Community Practice class where I sat between three introverts with quick wit and dry humor which of course made me laugh in class and get in trouble! Oh how I miss my Comm. Practice cohort!


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