A Quarter of a Century … I’ll take it!

I turned 25 this week and it was fabulously sweet! I had two dear friends come to visit me and their presence over the weekend fed my soul in the richest of ways. We are three women who know where we have come from and are celebrating where we are in life today; what a gift it was!?! With these women I was fully myself for the first time in a long time. I haven’t acted that ridiculous in a good while and it was so freeing. I randomly danced and sang throughout the weekend. One of my these ladies told me I should get back to dancing because my dancing in my car reminded her of how joyful I was when I was dancing. I informed her that it has been a goal of mine since I have been here to get to a studio and allow my soul to speak through dance … I plan to achieve this goal in the next two weeks.

In addition to celebrating my 25th with these two dear friends I celebrated it with a new community of faith and people who are growing into friends. It was unsettling, in the most beautiful of ways, to have these new people in my life wish to celebrate my life. For someone who likes to care for other and struggles to allow people to care for me this birthday was a testament to how sweet of a gift it can be to allow others to join you in  your journey of life. This new community of faith has been one of my greatest gifts in this past year and I’m thankful to find myself in this time in my life at Calvary.

I ushered this birthday in with a weekend in Texas to meet my precious niece and to love on and be loved by my family. There was something so settling about being in the presence of people who have known me since birth. These are people who have been witnesses to my greatest joys and seen me at my worst. It was strange to see my little people growing up into these wonderfully caring and maturing young people; it made for one very proud aunt. My family has taught me a great deal about life and for all the twists and turns that have come our way they were thankful to celebrate another year of my life. I’m one loved person and it is overwhelming at times … most things with my family are overwhelming (I mean we are Caruthers after all)!

I also celebrated my 25th birthday with great thanks for all my life had brought me within the past year. So, as I toast the next  year of my life I toast to healing, maturing, confidence, learning, trusting, strength, support, love, tears, laughter, dreams, struggles, sleepless nights, growing pains, moments of awe.

Cheers to another year of life and all that it will bring.


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