My Week In Review

Sunday 20: Participated in worship. Had an individual meeting with one of Calvary’s finest.

Monday 21: Ran errands and talked with one of my favorites! Had supervision with fairy godmother’s cousin. Worked on homework.

Tuesday 22: Staff meeting. Was enlighted by Season’s Melody (aren’t I always, though)! Coffee with one of Calvary’s finest.

Wednesday 23: Supervision with Warrior Pose. Research class. Talks about res. partners. Experienced my first walk-in from a pastoral intern perspective. Coffee with one of Calvary’s finest. A beautiful night with the brilliant folks of W.N.W.

Thursday 24: Internship class. Coaching with Calm Tree. Learned about Calvary’s website (that podcast will be accomplished soon. IT. WILL…). Dinner with Carpenter Connection. Picked up Peace Song at the airport and began the shenanigans!

Friday 25: Office work until Ocean Spirit arrived. Walked DC with Peace Song and Ocean Spirit all the while trying not to get blown over. Cooked dinner with these two and began sharing the wonderous stories of our lives.

Saturday 26: Went to Chic-fil-a to see Peace Song get filled with great joy! Walked some more than ventured to Caribou to share more of our remarkable lives. Traveled a little ways to Georgetown to have Ocean Spirit get converted to the joys of LUSH and watched Peace Song finally give in to the brilliance of LUSH! Enjoyed a day of watching two of my favorites live life as brilliant women who are changing this world! We traveled back to SS to have dinner with three fabulous women and enjoyed my worlds meeting.


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