My Week In Review

February 13: Led Sunday school since Leah was in Waco. Went to WUMC to meet with their young adults group to talk about ecumenical intentional Christian communities. Spent the afternoon living in Sankofa as I wrote my spiritual autobiography. Experienced the joys and laughter of the Union lovin’ family.

February 14: Discussed my qualms with my role/call to ministry with Warrior Pose. Made arrangements to have meetings with two of organizing’s finest. Talked with Dumbledore via phone.

February 15: Staff meeting & celebration of one of Calvary’s finest. Lunch with one of Calvary’s wise men. Discussed website and benevolence with one of Calvary’s guardians. Attended a WIN meeting on job creation.

February 16: Coffee with one of Metro-IAF’s organizers where I was told that sometimes people think they are supposed to be ministers or social workers when in fact they have the gift of organizing. Very cool moment of having professional skills sought out and provided resources to cultivate those skills. Lunch with Season’s Melody to discuss various ways to save the world in our spare time. Meeting outside with one of WIN’s finest. Attended a remarkable WNW with some of the leading teachers on mercy šŸ™‚

February 17: Took care of some loose ends. Had lunch with one of All Souls’ finest on the steps of the national portrait gallery and fell in love with DC for the first time. Had a conference call about bulk energy procurement with WIN and agreed to looking other co-op options for faith institutes. Began my journey to TX where I had Calvary’s finest and other loved ones doing sacrifices, dances, and naming of first children for me so that I would make it home flying standby. I also have my first encounter with Yuengling with a fellow TX traveler. Made it to TX on the last flight out and finally got to meet my unforgettable niece.

February 18: Snuggled with lil’ bit as much as I could. Talked life with the bro-in-law. Enjoyed the presence of my family. Witnessed the beauty of my sister being a new mom. Celebrated my birthday with my family.

February 19: Enjoyed the company of my two little ones as they came with my sister and other brother-in-law. Soaked up the Texas Spring weather and the greenery around my sister’s house. Sad goodbye to my brilliant family and began the journey back to DC. Made the first flight (the dancing, sacrifices, and naming of first born’s worked wonders as I made the flight AND had a whole row to myself!). 


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