In Moments Where Words Are Useless

In the recent months I have, on several occasions, experienced moments when words of response are useless. They are useless because they are not capable of capturing the emotions in my heart or soul, useless because in those moments I am driven to silence and deep breathe in hopes to soak in that which was shared with me.

These moments often make me wonder if I live in such a way that others see me differently than I see myself. This then leads to ponder whether I live truthfully or express how I wish to live rather than how I actually live. The gracious words that have been given to me in recent months push me to silence because I pray for these words to be true reflections of how I  live my life.

As I have been surprised by the timing of these word offerings and their sources I am thankful they have been given and pray I continue to live as these people see me. Those of you reading this who have been the source of these words I thank you and pray that I can continue to live up to that which you have graciously shared with me.

Here are to the moments in life when words are useless and you wish people could see your soul to know your emotions and gratitude.



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