Sankofa – Go Back and Retrieve

(To learn more about Sankofa you should click on the bolded statement above.)

One of my assignments for mentoring is to write a spiritual autobiography which is something I began to sit-down and write today. My brain is maxed out as I strive to return to various memories and seek to recall the lessons that accompanied these memories.

I first learned about Sankofa from Todd Schlecta at Covenant Bible College. I was taught that it is a key discipline to implement in our lives as we recall our pasts so that we better know where we are in the present and where we are headed in the future. My spiritual autobiography is bringing to me a place of Sankofa and thus causing me to enter a season of hope. Hope that I may gain more wisdom from my past so I can honor my present and future to greater depths.

I hope all of you have the privilege of taking time to experience Sankofa in your own life.

I am going to call it a night with my spiritual autobiography and allow all that was recalled today to seep deeper into my soul and my knowledge of God.



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