Random thoughts as I prepare the Sunday school lesson

There’s something to placing God above all things. The reasons for why this can be a difficult task for some/all people are countless and differ from person to person. I do believe though that there is a stand that connects the plethora of reasons, the fear of vulnerability. This fear may manifest itself in several ways and one of those is anxiety, which we can see expressed in Matthew 6:19 – 34. This lesson of having only one allegiance and trusting in the kingdom of God and righteousness means relinquishing control over our lives and placing trust in that which is far greater than any human being. Yet, there is something to be said for becoming more of one’s true self when God becomes first in their lives and their energy is poured into today. It’s as if they transcend into a confidence that all people want but only comes with being vulnerable to exposing who one truly is and risking the chance that others may cast them aside or discredit them. I would venture to say that the reason material goods come before God, from time to time or at all times, is there is no vulnerability to that lifestyle. In fact that lifestyle allows for continual hiding behind said material goods. I think what the Matthean Jesus is stating in Matthew 6:19 – 34 is that it requires reckless abandon to place God first in one’s life. The reward though is this release inside of that person that births a confidence that provides the grounding for placing their energy solely in today. They are free to use material goods as a resource, not as a god. They are able to breathe the breath of peace as they no longer strive to achieve tomorrow’s tasks today. They become enmeshed in the Spirit, so much so that others cannot tell where the Spirit begins and the person ends. This becomes the incarnation of Christ within the disciples and just as Christ was the inauguration for the Kingdom of God, so too, the disciples become the sparks that keep the flame of inauguration burning bright, steadfast, and fervently. The Matthean Jesus is not placing a cast iron hold upon the lives of those who are listening to Him and seek to follow Him. No. You see, He is liberating those who already find themselves in cast iron holds by society and giving them the freedom they never knew was possible. It’s a liberation that perpetually births new freedoms and brings new meaning to simplicity. May we not get bogged down with the superficialities of making Jesus’ words in Matthew legalistic and something they were not intended to be. May we lean into vulnerability and be embraced by the enabling grace Christ engulfs us with, so that we may live in freedom from material restraints and the anxieties of tomorrow.


One thought on “Random thoughts as I prepare the Sunday school lesson

  1. Great word! Definitely feeling it. With our house being broken into and material goods being amongst the “things” that were stolen (peace of mind went with it! Lol), I feel this peace you speak of, in using material things as goods and not gods. There is such freedom in it! Praise God. When we lean into him with vulnerability He totally embraces us with his grace.

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