My Week In Review

Sunday 6: Partook in my first communion at Calvary (made me think of CrossTies & miss it some). Had a meeting with two of Calvary’s finest. Watched the Super Bowl with the MD family and three of Calvary’s classy and sassy members. Almost died due to the sugar death cookies but it was quite tasty.

Monday 7: Avoided the plague around the office. Met with Ex. Dir’s of Theatre Lab. Had a meeting with one of Calvary’s finest. Went to the annual meeting for WIN … made some jokes a little too soon and received new contacts for networking.

Tuesday 8: Shared more about myself with Warrior Pose, joked with Seasons’ Melody, and got teased by the office. Had a meeting with one of Step Up DC’s finest. Faced my concerns and had supervision with the Fairy Godmother’s cousin. Sadly had to reschedule with one of Calvary’s finest.

Wednesday 9: Had a meeting with Dancing Peace. Dinner with one of Calvary’s finest and a fellow NFJ (thank you BUSSW for all the MBTI shenanigans). Enjoyed a fabulous evening with many of Calvary’s finest at WNW. Talked with several Texas favorites and was teased relentlessly.

Thursday 10: Led class and shared with them about the Zoo. Had a visit with a not so kind doctor to find out that what I thought was wrong with my jaw was in fact wrong and then was told “be sure you get 6 – 8 hours of sleep, avoid stress, take one of these before bed (I shared that I don’t like medicine to which Dr. McMean Man said it’ll be  fine, don’t worry about it), increase your exercise, and go on a soft diet for a month.” I can confidently say this was not my favorite day.

Friday 11: Made efforts to tie-up loose ends from meetings I had but most of the day was spent preparing for the Cabaret Concert. Lunch with one of Calvary’s finest. Felt so much love at the History of Love, Calvary’s Cabaret Concert & Silent Auction.

Saturday 12: Rested. Finished up notes for Sunday meetings & such. Rocked the second day of the soft food diet. Talked with a Texas favorite. Experienced Christmas in February as I watched the Unions open gifts and sing Christmas songs.


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