My Week In Review

Sunday 30: Had my first experience with giving the Invitation Give to Serve during worship. Attended my first Calvary youth group.

Monday 31: Hung out with Brainfood in the kitchen and witnessed the talents of a dozen or so youth cooking tilapia with three different sauces and rice with sauteed vegetables.

Tuesday 1: Best staff meeting thus far. Lunch with two of Calvary’s finest. Experienced a conversion with Season’s Melody and Warrior Pose at LUSH. Had two friends arrive late in the night to await their flight early the next morning.

Wednesday 2: Dropped the friends off at the airport early in the morning for them to leave for Puerto Rico. Feel in love with the ladies at the Thomas House bible study. Talked with a favorite prof for the first time this semester. Had dinner with one of Calvary’s finest. Wednesday Night Words was phenomenal and thought provoking!

Thursday 3: Slept in (loved it!). Class. Gave in and made a doctors appointment … Still trying to find a way out of it. Met with a fellow lover of the arts and made wonderful connection for possible work in the future. Walked the second floor of the National Portrait Gallery. Dinner with two of Calvary’s classy ladies.

Friday 4: Finalized donations for the Cabaret Concert & Silent Auction (which is on Feb. 11 at Calvary and ALL of you should be in attendance). Had lunch with two of Calvary’s finest at Christ House. Fulfilled other duties as assigned as I dropped off sermon notes. Enjoyed the hospitality of one of Calvary’s finest and two of Calvary’s little bits.

Saturday 5: Cared the mountain with the wicked awesome Calvary youth. I seriously love those young adults! Only fell snowboarding twice jacking my knees but rocked it out like the dream team with the heating pad on my knees.


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