My Week in Review

Sunday 23: Joined Calvary Baptist Church; no big deal, this just marked the return to the institutional church after 5 1/2 years of hideous. Attended my first Calvary annual business meeting. Hung out with fellow porgies loving people where I learned that the Steelers look like bumblebees and that there are many “interesting” things about Twilight.

Monday 24: Supervision with fairy godmother’s cousin … not sure what our meetings will be like. Keeping an open mind. Talked with a favorite who allowed me to be dramatic and vent to her! (I seriously have the greatest friends)

Tuesday 25: Indian food with one of Calvary’s finest. Coffee with a former 254 resident and also one of Calvary’s finest. Learned about best practices in food education from the Ex. Dir. of Brainfood, got my nerd on. Attended my first strategic planning meeting around Job creation with WIN.

Wednesday 26: This day will be remembered as the day I learned to drive in, get unstuck from and slide in snow. All the while being nurtured and guided by my dad (who experienced my sailor tendencies when I get in my car), was navigated by my MD family which led me to safety with wonderful El Salvadorian peace makers.

Thursday 27: Had a gong show of a morning trying to elluminate for class. Was reminded of how brilliant my cohort is and how proud I am to know and work with them. Stayed in and “recovered” from my driving adventure the day before. Talked with a favorite and learned of her grand adventures in this journey of growing up.

Friday 28: Learned how to upload a podcast!! Caught up on work from earlier in the week. Chatted with a favorite and was reminded of the beauty of that friendship. Received a fabulous belated Christmas gift from a Canadian favorite which happened to be a cd by another Canadian fav!

Saturday 29: Met a few of my 254 family members for their adventures in DC. Was nourished by conversations with people who share similar passions and was inspired by all they do in life. Added another reason to love things matchbox, first it was 20 now I can add restaurant. Skyped with a favorite who had me laughing harder than I have in months. 


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