Licensed to . . .

In the past week I began considering getting licensed as a social worker. There are many things to consider in this decision and in all honesty I do not know what the verdict will be. I was surprised by the response I received to a random facebook status of mine that said “Morgan Caruthers is considering getting licensed … what?” Five likes and 31 comments later I learned that there are many of my social work colleagues who are pondering the same thing. Some who have already graduated and others, like myself, are finishing up their degrees. I predict there will be more conversation around this licensure business in my future.

What was funny to me were the comments asking if I was referring to licensure for ministry. Granted the questions in and of themselves are not funny but the timing of the questions is. In the past few weeks I’ve discussed with a few people my feelings on becoming an ordained minister but this topic is always brought up in conjunction with becoming an LMSW. The topic never begins the conversation nor ends it. It sits safely between the beginning and end of discussions around me becoming an LMSW. This particular licensure freaks me out to be honest and is something that I hope to keep from becoming the beginning and end of discussions on licensure.

I have a great deal of respect for licensure for both of these vocations. I also see a significant purpose for both within their respective fields. Those two things are never up for debate during my questioning about my getting licensed.

As my journey continues who knows what I’ll end up being licensed to . . .


One thought on “Licensed to . . .

  1. I’ve been talking with a few friends about the benefits of being a licensed mental healthcare professional after graduation so I’m very interested in your journey and what your thoughts are. Love you Mo!

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