My Week in Review

Sunday 16: Participated for the first time in leading part of worship … I didn’t fall in my heels so because of that I will consider it a success. Took a jog and surprised myself with the distance. Had dinner with schmucks.

Monday 17: Spent MLK Jr. Day with some cool volunteers for Kid Power, Inc. Saw Calvary through a new lens.

Tuesday 18: Witnessed how the season of Lent with be experienced by the community I’m entering into. Late Night at the SLC came back to haunt me all the way in D.C. Who knew that experience would come in handy after I left Campus Rec?!

Wednesday 19: Discussed This Odd and Wondrous Calling with Warrior Pose and Seasons’ Melody. Had a moment of allowing new people into hard parts of my journey. Met the fabulous leaders of Washington Youth Choir. And learned the Apple’s core of Jesus’ teaching at Wednesday Night Words.

Thursday 20: Met with pastors from WUMC to discuss ecumenical partnership through intentional Christian community … loved it! Saw Dr. J as she did her thing at FBCA. Was called the baby whisperer as I hung out with Eli K from back home in Waco. Attended my first Church Council meeting and apparently missed a full day of excitement at the church office.

Friday 21: Took a few hours to watch Eli K and share a meal with ministers who believe in and nurture the lives of youth and college students (a slice of heaven). Prepared for the coming week and listened to the brilliance of Indigo Girls on Pandora.

Saturday 22: Spent an  hour and a half having my eyes and ears filled with thought provoking art. I wandered through the National Portrait Gallery with jazz playing on my iPod and my eyes taking in the beauty of the photographs, oil paintings, screens, sketching, sculptures, etc. I only made it around 3/4 of the first floor … the remainder I leave for another day! Hung out with Eli K as her mom rocked her presentation. Bid adjure to wonderful Waco favorites. Made an all star dinner … What can I say on Saturday night I become Julia Child!


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