Being Called into Something Deeper

Have you ever been at a place in life where you know you are being called into something of greater depth? The thing to which you are being called into isn’t easy to describe to others. You see, it’s something within you that is the source of this calling. It’s so deep within that the only way to describe it is to fumble through your words and hope that a revelation happens during the process. Because it’s so deep within your soul you can try to ignore its pull until tomorrow but there is this longing that surfaces every time you postpone it. The longing makes you ache to return to the calling, to something of greater depth that your efforts to ignore it become obsolete. So you replace your efforts of ignoring with steps into this greater depth but your body does not know what to do when it begins to enter that which it was designed to be. There is such great peace that comes with this that your soul rejoices but your body which has adapted to chaos begins to weaken and turn back towards that which it is familiar. Thus, leaving you closer to this calling but still not living as you were designed to be. This incompleteness drives you to continue on this path of ignoring but eventually succumbing to any step that is towards this thing … this pull that comes from deep within your soul. One day you will realize you have become tired of this back-and-forth journey and desire to allow the grips of this deeper calling to consume you. And you will enter into a new place in life where you begin to understand who you were designed to be, a little bit better than before. Yet, this is not the end of the journey for there will continue to be more paths in life that call you into something of greater depth than where you are at that moment. That’s the beauty of this thing called life, there are continual conversions that lead you closer to the creation you were designed to be.   


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