My Week in Review

Sunday 9: Attended Calvary for the first time this semester and began the journey of being their MDiv/MSW intern. Was graciously welcomed by members of Calvary! Had lunch with my field instructor and task supervisor. Began organizing my life for the semester (if that’s even possible). Heard wonderful updates on my niece and the new parents!

Monday 10: First day at internship. Took a wrong turn thinking I knew better than my Garmin …. which I did not, but was only a few minutes late to my destination. Started working on projects, received clarity on my job description, completed paperwork, etc. Attended my first meeting/training with the Washington Interfaith Network (the community practitioner inside me was in heaven!!).

Tuesday 11: To start my day I went to pick up coffee, little did I know I would be the object that someone wanted to pick up that morning … The Artist formerly known as Prince has a whole new meaning to me now! Had my first experience at staff meeting. Met with the Executive Director of Kid Power, inc. which is one of Calvary’s four residential partners. Started to navigate my way through some of my projects.

Wednesday 12: Multi-tasked like a champ! At one point I had a conference call with WIN on the office phone to my left ear, a liaison call on my cell phone to my right ear, and attempted to connect to elluminate for class. All worked but elluminate since it was blocked by the network, so I “attended” class by listening to class over the phone of friend who was on elluminate, then when that connection got bad I “attended” class by listening through a friends computer as we were on Skype together. Wasn’t the most successful of classes but I don’t think anyone will argue against the effort I gave to be “present” for that class! Had my first experience with California Tortilla.

Thursday 13: Internship class was successful via elluminate from the church office!!! So thankful my office neighbor took pity on me and worked with the network settings so I could stay in my office for class. Had my first worship walk through, where I learned a great deal about leading worship … beyond grateful for the odd, but brilliant, wisdom of Warrior Pose and Seasons’ Melody (yes the nicknames are works in progress but I think I might keep these, we’ll see). Began developing a reading list surrounding intentional Christian communities … I loved thinking through the important underpinnings for the development of an ICC. Talked with a favorite on my drive home and another on Skype!

Friday 14: Went through the walk through from the day before but by myself this time and in heels … I do not want to fall on Sunday! That is not the kind of first impression I wish to make during worship at Calvary. Read a fascinating proposal pertaining to funding missions. Talked with a west coast favorite! Had an epic fail on my drive home from work … all I wanted was Chipotle but made the mistake of taking wrong turns, not finding places to park, getting frustrated, missing a turn then getting stuck on the beltway (the beltway and I are NOT friends), finally giving up I went to California Tortilla again (just wasn’t the same as Chipotle), then finally made it home several hours after I left work. Alas, I had laughter to get me through it … driving in DC beat me several times this week.

Saturday 15: Had a great night sleep thanks to taking my jaw medication. Was ridiculously excited to wear flip flops today!!! My feet were SO happy. Went to one of the largest Targets I have ever been to. Enjoyed my first shopping experience at Giant. As I drove around today I began to think about naming my Xterra Steve Jr. Jr. (a mini FRIENDS tribute). I had thought about naming my Garmin Steve but it just didn’t fit and Tony doesn’t fit the Xterra but Steve feels right. I feel like it could be a good way to honor the original Steve, who was a dashboard hula dancer in my red Jeep Cherokee ,and the second Steve, my ’94 Ford Explorer. People reading this might think this is a ridiculous thing to ponder (they may be right, just a little bit) but if you knew my car Steve you would understand! Ahh the great things to ponder in life :). Cooking tortellini for dinner, doing laundry, reading, and writing some in my journal will be my ingredients for a calm Saturday night.


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