My Week in Review

I thought I might try something consistent with my blog, a recalling of my week. The goal is to recall my week while I’m interning at Calvary Baptist Church. If I begin to slack on this please give me a kind reminder that I need to get my act together and keep up with this. That being said, here is my first week in review:

Sunday 2: Made the final portion of the drive to reach Silver Spring in the afternoon. Took Dad to see where the church is located and see how close it is to the Capital.

Monday 3: Dropped Dad off at the airport. Began settling into my new residence. Had a very exciting trip to Whole Foods … I seriously love grocery shopping, could be the only kind of shopping I like, other than at REI and Barnes&Nobles.

Tuesday 4: Finished up some loose ends for the semester ahead. Heard stories about Calvary from one of my hosts. Had dinner with two people I can honestly say embody hospitality!

Wednesday 5: Met up with a friend from Texas and we had a bit of a touristy afternoon down at the National Mall.

Thursday 6: Had my first class on Elluminate, not a huge fan of doing class this way but at least I heard some of my favorites voices. Had my second coaching call. Took care of some unexpected loose ends for research. Tried to get a Metro card during rush hour … not the brightest of moments. Had dinner with a brilliant member of Calvary who is extremely gracious and welcoming, oh and watches Grey’s!

Friday 7: Made attempts to go to the National Portrait Gallery but was not successful, one day though. Had a good afternoon of reading, catching up with colleagues, and getting good news on the IRB process for my research. Joined Calvary’s staff for dinner and enjoyed getting to hear more stories of Calvary.

Saturday 8: Continued to make attempts at finishing a book. Waited for updates on my niece’s arrival. Got wonderful news around 4:15 EST that the newest addition to my family was born!!! Had a wonderful dinner with another of Calvary’s brightest at Quarry House Tavern.


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