Lessons From Two Feet Away

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” This was shared with me last night by someone who is becoming the most unexpected friend and teacher. In addition to this statement this person taught me about the untold injustices of the justice system from his personal experiences. I also heard a great deal about computer programing … this was very difficult to listen to as I was lost after the first “the icp takes 16 bites but the a&p has 20” (okay that’s not even right but it shows you how hard it was for me to follow and retain).

The person I am speaking of, who has become an unexpected friend and teacher is my neighbor. Our friendship began after knowing him for two years. His air conditioner was broken a few months back and he came over to talk with me and relax in the A/C. During our random conversations while his A/C was out I learned how to appreciate his legalistic language, his vast knowledge, and his views on life. He brings me the most heartfelt joy when I’ve figured out how to answer his question to his satisfaction. When I do answer his question to his liking he gets this little smirk that just crakes me up and brings life to my soul.

His knowledge of life, the Bible, and countless other topics surpasses most, and definitely surpasses mine. Yesterday he stopped by to drop something off and then quickly made himself comfortable on my sofa. I sat across from him on the couch and within minutes my neighbor became my rabbi. To be taught by such a remarkable man is an honor that I am unbelievably humbled by.

On the surface my neighbor and I may not appear to have much in common but as he reminded me yesterday, appearances mean very little to him. Underneath our differing appearances we both have this respect and love for our faith that join us together. It is the working of the Holy Spirit that has brought this unexpected friend and teacher in my life. I don’t know if my neighbor knows that he is my teacher but he will go down in my record books as being one of my greatest teachers; something I’ll have to tell him one of these days.

Honored and blessed by the unexpected relationship I have been given by God through my neighbor.


2 thoughts on “Lessons From Two Feet Away

  1. Loving this theme in my friend’s blogs this week about friendships.

    Loving this rabbi of yours and the deep joy and gratitude he brings to your soul!

  2. We’ve met several people here in Stellenbosch that have been “more than what meets the eye.” Just the other day I was talking to our car guard that works our street. Feeling like I needed to “Christianize” him, I pointed out that God made a great day today – it was beautiful. Then, without skipping a beat, he replied, “Yes. We must thank Him for it!”

    I was the one dumbstruck by God then. I left quickly after that, riding my bike to the library replaying our conversation.

    I love God’s surprises. Thanks for sharing.

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