Fall has finally come to Waco

Today I walked outside and was greeted by the smell of rain scented crisp air, fall had finally come to Waco. As I walked to class my soul began to sing because there is something about this weather, light rain, and changing colors of the sky that reminds me of two very important places in my life: Colorado and Canada.

When I was a kid I remember knowing that winter was coming not just because the weather had chilled dramatically and my mother had started to had layers to my wardrobe but because my dad would bring in wood and take news paper and begin building a fire. There was something so magnetic about the warm glow of the fire place. The chilled air, smell of a fire and the comfort of a blanket would signal the onset of winter. My family would gather in our family room around the crackling fire and spend time together. If I was really lucky my sister, Meghan, would make us hot chocolate (with countless little marshmallows). The warmth of the fire, company of my family, and knowledge that my family drew closer to each other because of the winter air outside that made me so thankful for winter. I can’t quite explain it but when Fall comes to Waco I am reminded of this time in my life and I am thankful for my memories.

This cooler air also kindles thoughts of my freshman year of college when I lived in Strathmore, Alberta CAN. It didn’t take till November for it to get cool outside but the weather of September and October remind me of today’s weather. At CBC the hoodies were out in great force and the walks to get a SnowJoe were made more magical by the chilled air for some unexplainable reason. When I took Chloe out today I began dancing around the parking lot and thanking God for this weather. As I looked around seeing and smelling the changes of fall I was taken by to of my Thanksgiving trip to Winnipeg with Del, Dallas, Nic, Watchorn, Jenn, and Katie in a minivan for 13 hours. Then my mind was rushed by the thought of the first fire I helped build in Canada at the Dreberts. We had gone to Brenton to speak at Amanda’s church and that night while playing phase 10 I helped Dre build the fire (I was so proud!). These moments marked the knitting together of relationships that have changed my person beyond explanation.

So today when I was met with the crisp air of fall my soul sang and wandered back in time to places when bonds were created that will last my life time.

Since I am in my glorious home of Waco with this amazing fall weather I enhanced the joy in my soul by lighting the saint and Jesus candles I have (if you know about these candles you know how happy they make me) along with good smelling candles, turned off all other lights, put on my CBC hoodie, snuggled up with a great blanket and a warm cup of coffee. Today was a gift in so many ways.

I sat on my sofa and starred at the warm glow of candles and took a deep breath of the cool breeze filling my apartment and was thought back to all the bonds that have been created during falls in Texas. I rekindled a friendship with my bosom buddy this time eight years ago, had my first thanksgiving with almost all of siblings ten years ago, began a friendship with a couple that quickly took me under their wings and turned into family this time five years ago, and this time last year I grew deeper in my bonds with amazing women who have become my sisters .

There is something mysterious about the beholding’s of fall and I joyfully welcome them. May all of you have the pleasure of taking a deep breath that transports you on a marvelous journey down memory lane! Bundle up, let the cool breeze fill your home, have the house lit with the glowing warmth of candles, warm  up with a comfy blanket and a good cup of coffee (or tea/hot cocoa).

Joyful blessings to you all and bountiful thanks to all of you who have added to the memories of fall for me. 


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