Pondering(s), Wonderment, Curiosities

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending two thought provoking, character strengthening, life wrestling conferences, of sorts. The first was School of Conversion by New Monasticism and the second was Christian Community Development Associations annual conference. From these two conferences I have pondered a great deal about community, discipleship, intentional Christian community, poverty & wealth, community development, including all levels of voices, etc…etc…etc. Since my brain has not sorted many, if any, of these pondering(s), wonderment, and curiosities I’m going to let you all into the inner workings of my brain. So sit down, get in your comfy spot, bring along a cup of coffee (or tea) and enter into this sacred space that is my inner most wrestling.

How many conversions do people have throughout the course of their lives and how do those conversion relate to personal and communal conversions?

Is there a connection between redemption and conversion … if so what is it?

If our conversions are not for ourselves who are they for?

How many people would voluntarily have a conversion?

Do I merely project my vision of communal discipleship or do I actually live it out?

For transient people, like myself, what does commitment to a community look like?

How can intentional Christian communities be done in what society deems as “stable” communities, i.e. the suburbs/developments/middle class?

What do bridge builders look like in intentional community?

Was Moses a bridge builder?

Am I willing to be vulnerable, dedicated, and intimate with a community to the point where I won’t make a decision that affects all of us without having mutual discernment and in the end mutual consent on the answer to the decision.

Is Satan a figure or symbol of the brokenness in humanity?

Who do I vilify?

Does justice alone look different than communal justice?

In social work and/or ministry do I ask what the root of the problem is and then address it or do I simply address the symptoms of the problem rather than the root?

How do I expose the injustices in life non-violently?

Is my subconscious in Shalom?

Do I walk on equal ground or have the foundation of equal footing as my neighbors? How does this manifest itself in my roles as social worker and pastor?

Are church and community separate from each other? Or is it that it’s more of a church/community kind of thing?

Where is my fidelity in life?

Do I diligently seek and discipline myself to stand on the solid rock/foundation of Christ?

Do I/we treat all people as citizens of Christ, first and foremost?

What called your forth? Where has your Sankofa journey brought you?

How do we have continual, equal representation in leadership without leadership reaching the standards of middle class and without keep the poor in “their place” so that their is continual equal representation?

Who/what is the prophetic presence in my life?

Do I have to return to my indigenous roots or is it possible to “lend my whitness” to others who, of no control of their own were born with a different skin color thus, different opportunities?

What is my known and unknown ideology in life?

Can communities be developers without developing programs?

The word community has been used a great deal at these conferences yet I wonder if all fo us have the same definition of community?

With that in mind what is community commitment?

How do we created intentional/organic communities

That is all the questions for now … more to come … few answers yet.


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