Learning One’s Self

To learn one’s self is a journey that takes a great deal of humility, courage, and band-aids. In my experience learning who you are comes at the cost of pretending to be someone other than who you actually are. The attributes or habits about yourself that you are not fond of are those that one tends to say aren’t really there or are not seen by others. It’s these attributes or habits that are over compensated for or forgotten by their owner in hopes that they will go away. Yet, the beauty in learning one’s self is to acknowledge these attributes or habits and embrace them as a significant part of who you are. That is not to say that you can’t learn to manage or harness these aspects of one’s self but rather it has a you identifying them and learning to love yourself wholly with those attributes or habits rather than in spite of them.

This identification process of one’s whole self is not easy because it means welcoming the aspects that may not be your favorite or even your most proud. It means realizing that you are not perfect or that you are not going to be liked by everyone (which for a recovering people pleasure, like myself, this is very difficult).

Learning One’s Self is a courageous journey of settling into the comfort of reality and standing firm on the foundation that is the beautiful person you were created to be. Standing up for who you were created to be is not easy for many reasons, among those reasons is that the society we live in says their is such a thing as the perfect person and good luck measuring up to it. Since the perfect person doesn’t exist measuring up to a nonexistent standard can be tiring yet take very little, to no, courage. It is the honesty with one’s self that takes courage to admit they are in fact not this perfect person but rather a handsomely unique them.

This journey requires many band-aids as one stumbles into this learning of one’s self. As one takes a step towards embracing who they are they may stumble over some obstacles or fall back as they waver on their new steps of acceptance. Band-aids come in many shapes and sizes, you see, like family who will dust you off when you trip over your backward steps, friends who sturdy you as they remind you of the beauty that you are, cups of coffee that comfort you in your processing, laughter at one’s self as you realize you are in fact worthy of accepting yourself fully, community who will stand along side you as your feet wish to drift off the path and they are there to keep you moving forward.

So my hope for all of us, no matter our numerical age, is to allow one’s self to be learned as you humble yourself to whom you were created to be, stand on the courage of those who have learned themselves before you and to stock up on band-aids!

Enjoy this journey for I predict no matter how much the road might sting the destination will be sweet like honey; it will suck you in with it’s sweet taste of honesty and get you stuck there with it’s soothing embrace.

Live life well. You are worth being learned, especially by your own person.

Learn One’s Self, corks, silliness, abnormalities, predict-abilities and all.

Go in peace as you set out to Learn One’s Self.


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