Learning How To Be Taught

Not too many people know that I couldn’t read at grade level until the third grade and even after that I was put in the special reading group in 7th grade. I used to be embarrassed by this but I’ve come to realize it is part of my story and it was what it was. Today when I tell people I’m not smart they think I’m being self-deprecating but for me it is still hard to comprehend that I am smart. You see, school has never come easy to me. It wasn’t until college that I learned how to learn in the classroom setting. Even then, I still only excelled in my religion classes (I guess it is a good thing that I went to seminary for grad school). After two years of grad school I can thankfully say I am an intelligent woman. That’s not to say that when I receive a good grade I believe it at first, I still doubt it but the doubt is for a short period these days.

For being someone who has struggled with figuring out how to learn one might think I’ve learned how to be taught, well that is true in the classroom of academics but not for the classroom of life. In the classroom of life I strive for perfection and to be more than my gifts are capable of. Within the past year this has been painfully and joyfully brought forth and worked upon. I have come to learn one of the greatest lessons thus far in life: utilize your gifts to their fullest potential and trust that others will do the same.

I say this is one of the greatest lessons in life thus far because I have stopped trying to be all things to all people and have begun to be what I am to those I meet. You see, I’m learning to be taught rather than trying to teach everyone to learn (from me).

There have been many unexpected teachers in this past year: Kathy, Charlie, Hemp19, MamaJ, Back Woods intelligence, Witness Protection, Janet, Freddie Mayz, Gordy, Libby, Marsha, Gaynor, Mo, Carolina, Michelle, O. These people have propelled me in life lessons that are all unique but more than anything they have taught me that it is not my role in their life to be their hero. No my role in their life is to support, encourage, love and seek wisdom from them.

My question for the masses is, are you continually seeking to be taught or are you continually seeking to teach. My naive advice (or applied learning) is to continually seek to be taught and the wisdom  you gain from those lessons will naturally come about and teach others.

It appears that learning how to be taught will continue to be a part of my journey, in all classrooms I find myself in.

Learn. Live. Love. Learn some more.


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