I met Jesus, His name was Charlie

I walked through the annex of Truett to be told of a man coming into the building needing help. I looked over to see a frail man trying to explain his situation. I walked over and introduced myself. This weak man in front of me says “my name is Charlie, I was hitch hiking and have now been walking for 30 miles.” As I led Charlie over to sit down a friend of mine gets Charlie some food and drink. Through mumbled words and exhausted breaths Charlie explains to me that he was trying to reach his daughter in north east Texas. During his travels a woman offered him a ride but brought him way past his desired stop and that he has been walking for a few days, walking something around 30+ miles.

As Charlie rested, warmed his hands and feet, dried his boots, moisturized his hands, put dry socks on, changed out his backpack and jackets a few of us got the pleasure of talking to Charlie. Charlie was a sweet soul that had a precious laugh and gentle spirit. I could tell that when he put his mind to something he made sure it got done. He shared stories about his family and you could hear that they were his most treasured possessions.

After some investigation and random phone calls Charlie made connection with family living north east of Waco. This then began a mini road trip for Charlie and me. On our drive to meet his family Charlie shared about his wife, brothers, children, church life, careers and countless memories. He asked questions about myself to which my responses would provoke further stories he so graciously shared with me. As he and I parted ways he asked me to tell my friends thank you for their help, thanked me for my help, then we hugged. We both got in our respective cars and drove our separate ways.

Meeting Charlie that windy rain chilled Saturday afternoon when no one would usually have been in the annex was a divine meeting. God brought Charlie to show His followers that He loved them so much that He brought them a man who would make them realize how much God cares for growing His disciples and using His creations to care for His creation.

You see God doesn’t have to use people to bring relief or aid to His hurting, needy, wondering creations but He loves all of His creations so much that He allows them to be involved in caring for each other. He allows us to meet Jesus in people named Charlie. At least on that Saturday afternoon several of us met Jesus who took upon the name Charlie.

I will not forget meeting Jesus on March 20th 2010 in a precious man named Charlie. I pray that I have the honor and privilege to meet Jesus again … who knows what name He will take.


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