When One Does Not Fit In Where They Came From Or Where They Are

How does one find a place to grow roots when they no longer fit into the culture they came from nor fit in the culture they now live in?

Are these the people who will build the bridges between these two cultures? Are they the ones who can understand these two cultures just enough to communicate with both and engage both so that possible conversation is birthed between these two cultures? Does it mean for a season of life they live in one culture than in another season live in the other culture? How does one keep earnest to whom they are while being transformed by where they are? Does this conversation begin over the Eucharist, during worship, in the bleachers of a baseball game, at a PTA meeting or over rugged cups of coffee?

I believe there are answers to all these questions. Some answers will come from struggles in the mind while others come through tough lessons learned in the classroom of life. No matter where the answers come from I am certain that these are questions that cannot fall on complacent spirits but must stir a spirit of repentance, redemption and restitution.

Let us not be stifled by the depth or complexity that these questions bring but let these questions produce strength and endurance to see answers be born and realized.

May those of us who no longer fit the culture we came from or where we are now bridge the gaps between cultures and understandings so that relationships can be formed. From those relationships there will come respect and from respect can come community.

In much seeking … wrestling … and patience


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