The Season of the Liberating King

In the season of remembering the Liberating King I was given a wonderful gift of a FEED bag. This bag will feed a child in school for one year! I was also given the gift of money being donated to Habitat for Humanity in my name. I had the privilege of giving clean water to people in honor of my family members.

In a society that gives gifts during the remembrance of our Liberating King these were the greatest kinds of gifts: those given to others to meet their basic needs. There is a great joy in receiving notice that other people will have their basic needs met because someone thought of me and donated money, resources, or gifts to them in my honor.

Just as God gave us the Liberating King, Jesus Christ, to sacrifice Him for our redemption, I hope that we as followers and believers in this unbelievable King will offer gifts of life, by meeting the basic needs of others, in remembrance of the greatest gift we have … a relationship with our divine King.

May this season bring great blessings to you and your loved ones.

Earn … Save … Give … Give … and Give some more!


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