Sleeping in Idealism!

I wish to sleep in idealism for as long as I live!

It is within this idealism that I can believe that peace can transform two opposing groups of people. Whether the opposition is due to religion, economics, culture, resources or ethnicity I believe that peace can penetrate the opposition to result in a form of solution. Will this form of action take longer than using tactics of violence, manipulation or money … Yes it will. So, to stay asleep in this idealism I must stay patient, passionate and active in peace.

You see, there was a man who walked the planet over 2000 years ago and did just this! He took steps that changed economics, religion, societal norms and he did it all through peace. Was it always done in the way we, today, understand peace … No … but it was nonetheless done in peace.

So I leave you with this, let us be passionate, patient and active in our idealism which enables us to walk in a world that demands that we live in the harsh realities of this world! Let us live in remembrance that this man transformed the world around Him and that of the generations to follow. It is because of this remembrance that allows us to live in an idealism that we never need to wake up from.

May we all sleep in Idealism!

Peace … redemption … Love


One thought on “Sleeping in Idealism!

  1. You have always taken the world head on, and that takes a strong idealist and a great model. Passion indeed drives us to believe, and patience allows for true value to be experienced.

    I hope your semester is providing you with many miracles and blessings.

    Much peace … much redemption … much love

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